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8. Visites Guidées des Villes - Pannonhalma - Sopron - Gyor Tour (jour entier)

One of the Tours in Hungary, with an excursion to the north-western part of Hungary. Visit three different cities : Pannonhalma, Sopron and Győr.

At Pannonhalma the abbey stands atop a low promontory, ideal for the former Benedictines. It was founded by St. Stephen's father in 996 A.D. for the missionaries of St. Gallen, who christened him. In the Middle Ages the promontory was called the Hill of St. Martin because according to legend, this was the birthplace of the French legionnaire of Tours, later a holy bishop. Today the abbey also runs a school for boys.

Under the building complex of Pannonhalma abbey lies hidden an enormous gothic church with its cloisters. Its oldest part is the Romanesque crypt from the 11th century.

The next stop is in Sopron, which is situated near the Austrian border, the luckiest of all Hungarian towns. Though as far back as the Roman Age it was an important juncture of major trade routes, it was spared not only by the Turks but also by later - day Hungarian revolutionaries. It even survived World War II. with minor damages. The Hungarian Middle Ages have remained nearly intact in Sopron. The whole inner city is surrounded by castle walls. Here you get lunch in the ,,Poncihter'' House and you visit the Sopron Wine Tresor with wine-tasting,

The last stop is at Győr. Though it's traditionally an industrial town, its inner city has retained much of its old - world charm. Its streets hug the former castle, which is converted into the bishop's residence. The city of Győr is situated along a branch of the Danube where two small rivers flow into it, on the spot where a Roman city once stood.

The Pannonhalma - Sopron - Győr Tour is available only for special request.

Pick up is free - we go to pick you up at your hotel and at the end of the tour we take you back there as well. In case you would like to finish it on another spot, it's possible too.

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