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5. Godollo Sissy Palace Tour - Résidence d’été de la Reine Elisabeth (4 heures) - 42 €

In case you like the story of Queen Elisabeth you have to choose this one from the Tours in Hungary and visit the Palace at Gödöllő. This is the second largest baroque palace in the world. Sissy has spent here more time than at home in Schönbrunn, more than 2000 nights. The palace has a long history, the original one was built already in the time of Maria Theresia. Sissy got it as a coronation gift from the Hungarian government. After the second World War the Russian soldiers used it as a camp. The real reconstruction could be started only in the 1980s. Today the main wing of the palace is totally reconstructed, you can see 26 rooms in the form as Sissy and Emperor Francis Joseph have used them. More parts of the palace are still under reconstruction - just like the stable where Sissy had her favorite horses. The Baroque Theater is in use again as well. This is the oldest baroque stone theater in Europe. The garden which belongs to the palace is a Nature Park, a huge area to have a nice walk.

During your tour you get a guided visit in the museum part of the palace, which takes about an hour. In the palace cafe you can have coffee and cake. After this short break - case you would like to - you can walk in the garden, too.

Pick up is free - we go to pick you up at your hotel and at the end of the tour we take you back there as well. In case you would like to finish it on another spot, it's possible too.

The Gödöllő Sissy Tour is available every day ( exept Monday ) at 10.00

Prix sont par Personne pour les Adultes !
Enfants (3-12 ans): demi prix!

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